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Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services is awarded the UKCPAS national award. Our cleaners are trained and proficient in chemical handling and safe use, safe use of equipment and machinery, understanding the fabrics and type of carpets in order to apply the correct cleaning technique and method.
We examine your carpet and assess the situation before choosing the right type of cleaning method. If required we can simply power hoover the carpet with our very efficient vacuum cleaners or we can give it a deep clean with our industry standard professional Prochem cleaning machine. The main and most efficient method of cleaning we use in the majority of scenarios is steam cleaning, also known as “water extraction cleaning”. For your more delicate, natural fiber carpets our carpet technician will determine the best way to dry clean them

carpet cleaning in Swansea

4 Steps Process

carpet cleaning Swansea
carpet cleaning Swansea-pretreating carpet with chemicals
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Before we start with the cleaning process our carpet specialist will examine your carpet or upholstery, read the manufacturer’s labels, inspect the fibre, identify if the carpet is tufted or woven, natural or synthetic in order to chose the correct cleaning method and the appropriate detergent. We will safely remove every small furniture and proceed to pretreatment.


Deep cleaning through hot water extraction is the most efficient carpet cleaning method. We use equipment from the leading specialist in the industry, Prochem. The machine does both, clean and pH balance the carpet. The machine washes the carpet with pressurised water mixed with a detergent and at the same time with powerful suction removes all the dirt with the water. This way the carpet is washed and dried at the same time.


After the initial assessment and before the main cleaning we power vacuum your carpet and remove any dirt. Then we pre-spray the whole carpet and perform additional spot treatment and pretreatment of dirt patches and high-traffic areas using the appropriate detergent for the type of stain. We brush the pretreated areas and do final check before the deep clean commences.


During the cleaning process the cleaning machine extracts nearly 95% of the moisture in the carpet. That drastically shortens the time needed for the complete drying of the carpet. We advise our customer to leave the carpet to dry for at least one and a half hours.

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